When using our machines please be sure of the following:

  • Make sure the washer door is properly latched.

    • Otherwise the machine will not start​

  • Make sure there is room at the top of the drum

    • Overfilling machines means your clothes will not be able to oscillate and your clothes will not be as clean.

  • Make sure you select a water temperature.

    • If two temperatures are selected​ at once your machine will not fill with water.

  • Put detergent pods in the drum with clothes. 

    • If you put a detergent pod in the 'detergent compartment' on top of the machineit will not work properly.

  • Don't leave your clothes unattended:

    • Other customers may move your clothes in order to use the machine


We want you to stay safe:

When you visit please follow these rules:

  • Do not play with the carts!

    • Please keep children out of carts-they are not made for children to play with or sitting in.

      • We have high chairs for our youngest visitors.​

  • Do not sit on the tables!

    • Do not put children on tables​-not even in a car seat!

      • We have chairs for sitting.​

  • Do not run!

    • Do not allow children to run- the tile can be slippery!

  • Do not play with machines!

    • Please keep children from playing with the machines- little fingers can get caught!​

  • Be Respectful!

    • We know the laundromat provides an excellent echo.​​

      • Keep music and conversation to a low volume.

      • Take screaming children to the car.