We are not able to provide service to unmasked customers,

masks must cover both your mouth and nose the entire time you are in our building.

Start Machine(s)

Please presort and spot treat your clothes at home.

Start your Machine(s)

Washers: ~30 minutes

Drier: ~6 Min/Quarter

Wait Outside

Wait for your machines outside/ in your car.

This reduces your contact with other people, which will help keep you healthy.


We have a folding table outside and encourage anyone who wishes to fold right away to utilize this outside table. 



Our Hours:


8AM to 7pm


8am to 3pm



Covid Protocols:

Using information from the following departments, we have developed the following protocols

Allegan Health Department, MDDHS, and the CDC:


  • Practice Social Distancing- This means maintaining a distance of 6 feet from others.

    • ​To facilitate this we ask that you begin your washer and/or drier and wait outside for the duration of the cycle:

      • Wash cycle: ~30 minutes

      • Dryer:           ~6 minutes/quarter

      • FOLD AT HOME

  • Limit the number of people in the building at one time:​

    • In order to facilitate our customer's ability to social distance we will limit the number of people within the building. By waiting outside you are providing other's the opportunity to use our service in as safe an environment as we can provide , for both you and other customers​.

  • Masks Are Required to be worn during the whole of your visit:

    •  Anyone who enters must wear a disposable or reusable face mask over their mouth and nose, the entire time they are inside our building.

      • Anyone not wearing a mask will be asked to do so.

      • Anyone improperly wearing a mask will be asked to wear it properly.


Thank you, for your cooperation and understanding during this very difficult year. We will continue to maintain these protocols as long as necessary, to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff. 

About Corner Laundry LLC


  • Our newest machine holds 60lbs and costs $7.00

  • Maxi Load machine holds ~40lbs and costs $4.75

  • Triple Load machines hold ~25lbs, and cost $4.25

  • Double Load machines hold ~20lbs and cost $3.50

  • Extractor costs 50 cents

  • Driers provide 6 minutes of drying time per quarter.

  • Wash, dry and fold service

  • Orders are available for pickup after 24 hours.

  • Drop-off:  $13.00 minimum or $1.40/lbs.

  • Comforters: Starting at $15.00 each.

    • Price depends on size of comforter.​


When using our machines please be sure of the following:

  • Make sure the washer door is properly latched.

    • Otherwise the machine will not start​

  • Make sure there is room at the top of the drum

    • Overfilling machines means your clothes will not be able to oscillate and your clothes will not be as clean.

  • Make sure you select a water temperature.

    • If two temperatures are selected​ at once your machine may not fill with water.

  • Put detergent pods in the drum with clothes. 

    • If you put a detergent pod in the 'detergent compartment' on top of the machineit will not work properly.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Do not play with the carts!

    • Please keep children out of carts-they are not made for children to play with or for sitting in.

  • Do not sit on the tables!

    • Do not put children on tables​-not even in a car seat!.​

  • Do not run!

    • Do not allow children to run- the floor is often slippery!

  • Do not play with machines!

    • Do not allow children to play with (in or on) the machines- little fingers can get caught!​

  • Be Respectful!

    • Despite the excellent echo we ask that you:

      • Do Not Shout or Yell.

      • Do Not play your entertainment for everyone to hear.

We thank you and look forward to your visit! 

Corner Laundry LLC

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126 W Main St, Fennville, MI 49408, USA

(269) 561-2071

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